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If you like what we are doing with Slaton’s Manor & Macon Worldschoolers,

simply tell others about us.

We would love that.

What’s the incentive to tell others about us?

1. To show yourself, and other families, that diversity in groups is important in life.

2. That we can have a cordial relationship with each another in an environment of respect.

3. To enjoy events/activities and education in a welcoming environment for kids and adults.

There are too many kids and families being left out for being different, or left out for looking at the world differently.

We are all different AND all the same in many ways…..

Here YOU can meet many beautiful families, that are amazing in their own right.

Although we may act, look, worship or not worship at all, we have so much in common with one another.

        We have the ability to show love, compassion, and respect for each other beyond our differences.

This ability to love, beyond our differences, is the unity that can illuminate the whole earth.

Live, Love, Laugh, and ALWAYS look at life as a NEW ADVENTURE every single day.


Home Page