Our 2nd and 4th Friday Macon Worldschooler classes have started.

There are 10 total classes starting September 22nd, 2017 and ending on April 2018. The class price is for all 10 classes is listed next to each class below.

You must be a Macon Worldschoolers member to participate in these classes.

Below are the Macon Worldschoolers August 2018 to April 2019 programs.

You must be a Macon Worldschoolers member to participate.

Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program (TYLP).


Bi-Monthly Meetups are from Sept 28th, 2018 until April 26th, 2019. Visit the Macon Worldschooler Meetup site below to become a member and excess the days, times, and calendar information.

❤ Kizzersize Club - Walking Age to 2nd Grade

❤ Science Club - for upper Elementary and Middle Grades

❤ Science Tots: Pre-K to 2nd Grade.

❤ Middle School Robotics

❤ Litte Builders Lego Robotics

❤ Cook Like a Chef, NO bake cooking classes

❤ Kids Hang Out Time for all ages

and more!

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Macon Worldschooler proud!


Membership is only $25 per year, per immediate family.